Posted by: ksuechester | December 24, 2010

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Has anyone ever asked that of you? “Just who do you think YOU are? If you are like me, there have been times when you could not have answered them. At least not honestly. At one  time in my life,  I did not KNOW who I was. I wasn’t conscious of it, and had you asked me, I would have given some kind of answer of what I thought was truth, but in reality, was far from it. So how did I figure it out?

When I was young, my Mother used to make most of my clothes. Dresses, mostly, because 50 years ago, that is what all girls wore. – And grown women too. I would stand beside her blond (that was the color of it)  sewing table and watch her pin the pieces together and then sew the seams, using her guide to get them straight. Afterward, she would clip the threads and remove the pins that had kept the fabric from slipping, thus preventing a big mess. Then as I watched, she would do a very curious thing. With very sure fingers she would turn the sewn garment INSIDE OUT! The dress looked totally different!  The seams were hidden. The weave in the fabric was different. The pattern of the design in the fabric was different. Even the colors were brighter and less blurry. What I hadn’t realized as I stood by watching her every move, was that she had sewn the seams with the “right” sides together. I could have worn the dress unturned, but it wouldn’t have been RIGHT to wear it that way. It wouldn’t have been comfortable, or pretty either. It wouldn’t have hung right. – No. for my dress to be right, it had to be turned. That was the only way to know the TRUE dress.

If you think about it, there are many things that are formed by beginning with the inner and working outward. Take a baby for instance. Life itself starts with a cell that splits, then splits again, then yet again and those four cells become the beating heart of an embryo. As that tiny heart beats and cells split, more organs are formed. Blood vessels, nerves, bone, muscle, skin, and finally hair, lashes, and nails are formed until labor begins and the infant is pushed out into the world, healthy and whole. The ecstatic mother coos over her newborn exclaiming about the shape of her lips, the length of her toes, and the color of her hair, without even a thought of the size of her heart or the shape of her kidneys. It’s all about what Mom can see with her eyes!

But even before that child became the first microscopic cell, it was the thought and very carefully laid out plan from deep inside the very heart of  The Master creator Himself! Yes you and I had our very beginning from INSIDE the mind and heart of God! In fact, ALL of creation began that way. Think about it… If God had not first have held us in His heart, our Moms would NEVER have held us in their arms! It almost seems that there has to be an INSIDE before there can be an outside.

So getting back to the original question: “Who do you think you are?” The only way to be able to answer that, is to take an honest look on the inside of yourself and face what you discover, head on. I did that. It was hard, and not pleasant at all. In fact it was painful, but as I asked God to help me see me as I was, He was able to make me into what He wanted me to be; What He had, all those long eons of time ago, had planed for me to be, when I was just a thought He was holding in His heart!  And lest you think differently, I want to be quick to inform you that I’m not a “done deal” yet! God is still showing me who I am, and who He WANTS me to be, and as I yield to Him, the change gradually takes place! It isn’t easy, and many times it is extremely painful, but I have reason to believe that the finished product will be GLORIOUS! – At least, that is God’s promise to me, and it is a promise I cling to!

Maybe you long ago, figured out where I am leading to with all of this; maybe you haven’t, but here it is. Somewhere inside of me, I have a great longing to be genuinely known and understood. That is the hope I have of you. As you read and follow my blog, and hopefully you will, it is my desire that you come to know me. Really know me… from the INSIDE OUT!



  1. Bless you! Well said! Love you Kathy!

    • Hi Peggy! I’m glad you liked my post. Hopefully there will be many more. Maybe I won’t bore anyone to death. ha ha. I love you too. Come back again sometime to see what’s new.

  2. Great thoughts Kathy. I predict that you will be “discovered” one of these days and be my one and only famous friend. I’m praying that God will do that for you. Until then just continue inspiring others and He will do more through your life than you ever imagined.

    Doug Smith

    • Ha ha Pastor Doug. I am proud to be your friend, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on the “famous” part. 🙂

      Writing, to me, is SO much fun! It brings a kind of satisfaction that I would be hard pressed to try to describe, and I can only praise God for giving me a love for it! I used to think that it was just for poetry, but I am finding that I just love to write. Period! Take care…Ksuechester

  3. I have enjoyed each of your three entries so far. You are quite a writer, with a humble, honest perspective. And I agree with your premise that giving a genuine open look into the inside of who we are, can be a satisfying endeaver, although sometimes also a bit too scary for some of us.

    You are quite an intersting individual, with a lot to be said, and a lot that needs to be heard. You can express yourself very adequately through song, poetry, and now writings. You are a very talented and lovely person, and someone I always have, and always will, be proud to call my sister.

  4. Oh, Darell, you just made me cry. Thanks for the things you said! I’ll always be proud to BE your sister!!!

    • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is sooooo sweet him saying that Kathy….

  5. Yeah, he’s a SWEET brother! 🙂

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